Prayer and Testament

A Prayer and a Testament to a Life Well- and Spiritually-Lived

by Walter, son of Trudy Dorn, 12 May 2023

O God Most High, One without a second, Lord of all that is, was and ever shall be,

At this time of passing of our most beloved Mother, Trudy Dorn, we beseech Thee to shower Thy Grace upon her being, her soul, that she may be inundated with Thy Light and Love as she starts her onward journey.

We offer this letter of praise and thanksgiving, full of truly-deserved superlatives, because of the brightest light and deepest love that Thy servant Trudy spread on Earth.  We know that Thou art proud of her. We know that Thou wilt take her into Thy almighty Hands and place her into Thy heart of Supernal Light. 

Lord God, Thy child Trudy became a mother to reflect Thy Divine Love and Light to her children and to the children of the world. We can attest that she was a magnificent, beautiful and devoted instrument of Thine. Wherever she went, whomever she met, she spread Thy blessings through her thoughts, words and deeds. Such steadfast kindness and consideration we have not experienced in anyone else. She manifested Thy divine Goodness so clearly and persistently, showing that Thy love is indeed infinite and eternal. We are, indeed, supremely blessed to have her as a mother.

When raising us, she cared for each of us at each moment, while also giving us freedom, like the freedom Thou givest to Thy children. She did not try to possess us or use us for any selfish purpose. She sought only our welfare and was always there to lend a helping hand. She taught us how to be truly free. She let us grow into adulthood without any demands or expectations. If I (or we) have not, O Lord, looked after her welfare in any way, I (we) do ask for Thy Forgiveness, and pray that Thou wilt provide to her a full and just reward and, in abundant measure, Thy Mercy and Grace.

Oh Lord, when we were children and needed protection from all dangers internal and external, Thou wast Present in the form of our mother. When we fall into sickness, Thou wast there in her loving concern. When we did well on the Earthly plane, Thou wast there in the form of our mother’s pride. When we made mistakes, small or large, Thy Forgiveness was there in the form of Thine Own Trudy.

Throughout her life, Thou didst manifest in and through her. Born in an era of missionaries and colonies, in the vast archipelago of islands that we know as Indonesia, Thou hadst brought this great soul Trudy to Earth. With parents who truly believed in Thee, she was a gift to them. She came into a land where her ancestors served as missionaries to bring their form of belief in Thee, Christianity, to peoples who to this day remain grateful. Her faith was kindled by her parents, just as she kindled the faith of her children. She was told about Thy Omnipresence. When others thought she might be alone, she knew with the depths of an eternal connection that “I am never alone, for Thou are with me.” In the words of the Psalmist, “Though a walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, For Thou art with me. Thy Rod and Thy Staff, they comfort me …. “

O Lord, Thy daughter Trudy has seen death on Earth. She has seen our fellow human beings do unspeakable acts against each other in war. When Thy children from Germany killed, hunted and tortured their sisters and brothers, when they attempted to conquer lands and exterminate peoples in a genocidal campaign, she bore witness. She felt the great sadness that is even in Thy all-loving Heart. She faced soldiers bravely, confident in Thy presence, even in those carrying the guns of oppression. While trying to cross a bridge to smuggle food in occupied Holland, she called forth through a German song Thy presence on earth, and was greeted with an angelic voice coming from the mouth of the occupier—a former choir boy. Her safe passage was guaranteed. Similarly, when she found herself in a German minefield, in prayer at every step, Thou wert there, as a constant presence.

Later, when the sick and the needy were the faces and bodies of Thy Son Jesus Christ, Trudy mended to them as a nurse. In hospitals in different lands, Thy Care, Concern and Help was made manifest through her loving assistance. She also assisted new born souls, just after they arrived on Earth to begin their human journey in human hospitals. Such compassion Thou showed through Thy daughter Trudy throughout her life.  

When the new world beckoned many of her countryfolk, weary of war and seeking new opportunity, she offered to help them find new lives in the land of Canada. She helped them with the human procedures to immigrate. Ironically, these people to whom she offered to be an instrument themselves became the instrument of Thy Higher Plan. It was then that Canada asked her for the honour to take her as one of its own. The wonderful new world opened its welcoming arms to a wonderful soul, who would go on to welcome many, including her children, to this land that we love. Through her, we enjoy a connection to the Old World, which has evolved through the toils of traumatic experience to show that human unity can prevail over ethnic and national division. Borders in Europe that for centuries were fought over were suddenly erased, as peoples recognized their commonality, which ultimately comes from being Thy children.

In the new land of Canada, Thy daughter Trudy found love and common cause with a former soldier, a German who had served (unwillingly to be sure) in territories of occupied lands. Together in this new world, The Netherlands and Germany showed that love can remake relationships and bear wonderful fruits. Though the tendencies of these two nationalities were reflected in these two parents, Thy greater love shined above all in a growing family. Newness brings newness. And love begets love.

It was in the wisdom and spirituality of ancient India, under the divine presence of Paramahansa Yogananda and his teachers, that these two souls Trudy and Paul found each other. And they brought their spirituality into the family and infused their children with the greatest gift: a deep awareness of Thee—Thy Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience.

It was not by forced church-going or by strict religious codes, but by loving example that the Supreme Truths were taught. By the parent’s spiritual being and the offering of freedom of expression and exploration, the children could discover who they really are. With the help of Unity Church Toronto, which was the very place of the holy matrimony (marriage ceremony), the children joyfully discovered Thy Ways. There they sang “We are the Youth of Unity, Truth-seeking, evil-beating Youth of Unity. We believe in knowing that the Truth will set us Free. Unity!”

O Lord, Thou guided Trudy’s children to be closer to Thee, through prayer, spiritual thought, and their loving hearts – all passed on from Trudy and Paul. When the children began exploring their respective spiritual paths, Thou wert present in their parents, especially an all-loving mother Trudy. In the path of Sri Chinmoy, during the regular pilgrimages to New York, she became our Car-Ma, offering her vehicle to take us to a spiritual place in that bustling city. When we were too tired to drive through the night, she took the wheel and brought us to our destination through the maze of New York highways. At Aspiration Ground, she realized that it was our own divinity, which comes from Thee, that we were projecting onto a spiritual teacher. Her silent, unboastful accompaniment was secretly the greatest blessing.

Through all of her motherly service, Trudy was loving, self-effacing, ever helpful and never demanding. If we have taken her help for granted, just as we have taken Thy help for granted, O Lord, forgive us and accept our undying gratitude.

Thy daughter Trudy never sought to be a burden and would even keep her ailments hidden so as not to cause concern to others. At one point, facing the possibility of destitution, she kept it to herself. Only later could her children render service to help her out of her financial plight. She asked for nothing and gave everything.

Now, dear Lord, she is once again seeking to unburden (or so she feels) others, including her family, her society, and her country. She is making the ultimate sacrifice. But it is the draw of Thy Light that is the greatest reason: the freedom from bodily pain and limitation, the ability to fly in Thy Infinite Sky of Love, to be with her fellow angels and fairy beings, to sing in jubilation about Thy Greatness and Thy Goodness.

She magnificently reflected these divine qualities on Earth, now she can enjoy them in greatest purity and fullness in Heaven, where Thou hast many mansions and Thou hast prepared a place for her. 

Into Thine arms, O Lord, we commend Thy humble servant Trudy, our beloved Mother.  From Thine Almighty Arms Thou wilt bring her into Thy Infinite Heart, where in all purity and Light she can experience what Thou art. She will be with Thee, O Divine Mother, after having reflected Thee so well in human form on Earth. As part of Thy Divine Being, she will be complete, returning to her Source, the One Eternal and Infinite Source, and feel what she has always felt but soon will realize with Supreme intensity: that Thou are Love.  In the core of Thy Sun of Love, she will take rest.

Aum Tat Sat — Thou are Absolute.

Aum, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Aum, Amen.