Spirit of Kindness

Written by Shondra Martin for and about her grandmother Trudy Dorn (10 May 2023)

There once was a spirit of kindness and love
She lived in the sky way up above
She was surrounded by angels throughout the day
‘Because she’s one of us’ they liked to say 
But one day to the sprint the angels came 
And said ‘Soon life on earth won’t be the same’ 
They need you down there more than ever before 
So the spirit packed up her things and she walked through the door
She arrived on earth during the brink of hardship
But her unwavering kindness did not take a dip 
And while the Great Depression caused quite a mess
She never lost her unwavering kindness 
But the angels had sent her with much more in mind
Knowing her Spirit would always be kind 
the humans on earth had more struggles ahead 
For down dark paths some of them had been lead
On the brink of war countries were torn apart
But the spirit of kindness never lost her heart 
For years it went on, so long did it last 
Until memories of war were a thought of the past
But far away in a distant land
Her kindness was needed to lend a helping hand
So again the Spirit packed all of her things
To go spread all the love that her kindness brings
She travelled to a country so far from her own
And she braved the path that she took alone
In this far off land, she helped where she could
And she even found love with a soul filled with good
They had four wonderful children all filled with joy
Three little girls and one little boy 
The children learned from their mother on how to be selfless 
And shared their love with the world to much success
In what seamed like no time, two had children of their own 
And those children so quickly were all the way grown
The spirit of kindness still radiated bright
Sharing with the world all of her light
She shared her kindness with each and every one
And her joy, love and Selflessness was overlooked by none.
But one day came a time when the angels returned
They told her ‘from your kindness, the humans have learned
They spread your message of kindness for and wide
And now it is time for you to leave their side’ 
The spirit knew her days on earth were never forever
And her mission to spread kindness was just a temporary endeavour
To everyone she had met, her kindness had spread
And down beautiful paths each soul had been lead
From the smallest of acts to the largest of deeds
People would follow where her kindness leads 
But her time on earth was done and this she knew
It was time to return to the heavens and start something new
Her body was old but her spirit everlasting. 
She knew in her heart it was time for her passing
She told all her children it was her time to go home
And they gathered around her so she would not be alone
But she had no fear at all to return to the skies
Only the peace and excitement that lit up her eyes
Her family gathered and they were all very sad
But they were eternally grateful for the time that they had
With heavy hearts they said their goodbyes
And she was filled with joy as she returned to the skies
And though the world dearly missed her after her passing 
Her spirit of kindness remained everlasting